Welcome to Caterpillar Class! We are really lucky in Caterpillar class because there are lots of adults to help us with our learning! There are two teachers. Mrs. Oram teaches on Mondays and Tuesdays and Miss. Vintin on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. Children are also supported every day by our fantastic learning support assistant, Becky Cameron and Kati Ferguson supports groups of children in the mornings as well. 

Every Wednesday afternoon Miss Griffiths will teach the class. During this time the children will have the opportunity to take part in music activities. Miss Stevens will help us with exciting PE sessions too. We will let you know when this will be very soon. 

Class News

Thank you for welcoming us into your homes last week! We really enjoyed visiting you and getting to know you and your families. We are looking forward to you coming to school this week and hope you will feel welcome in Caterpillar class. Remember to look for your photo and picture on the board! 

Important things to know

School Uniform

Children need to wear school uniform every day. If you have any questions about correct uniform, please ask.

Please make sure you write your child's name in their clothes! Clothes can easily be lost or mixed up if they do not have names in them. Please remember that we do not allow children to wear any jewellery except for a sensible watch if needed. 

P.E. (Physical Education) 

As the children become used to having P.E lessons they will begin changing for P.E. They will need to bring a P.E kit into school. This also needs to have their name in it. Children will need a t-shirt in their house colour and either navy or black shorts or trousers. They will also need suitable shoes such as daps or trainers as we often like to do PE outside when the weather is good! 

Healthy Lunchboxes

On Monday 19th September your child will be having lunch at school for the first time. If you decide you would like your child to have a packed lunch please think carefully about what you will put in it.

At Hannah More we encourage all the children to keep their bodies healthy. If your child has packed lunches please make sure they don't have chocolate or fizzy drinks. If they eat a healthy lunch they will concentrate better and fully engage in their learning during the afternoon.


Learning in the Foundation Stage

We encourage the children to lead the learning in the foundation stage. We provide a stimulus, which is always open ended, that the children can explore and take in any direction they want. This ensures that children are always interested and fully engaged in their learning as they have control over where it takes them.

As a team we meet regularly to discuss the children's interests and adapt our planning and provision accordingly. During these meetings we think about how to extend children's interests. Please come and look at our Responsive Planning sheet and Learning Stories board in the classroom. These show how we are developing the current interests in Reception.

During children's independent learning time we document their progress through an online learning diary (the ILD). We encourage all parents to access and contribute to their child's online learning diary. Please ask Mrs Oram, Miss Vintin or Becky for more information about how to access your child's diary.


Maths, Literacy and Phonics

Although a lot of learning occurs through child led play activities, we also have more formal sessions to develop children's maths and literacy skills. Literacy, Phonics and Maths are taught every day.


Literacy is taught through 'Talk for Writing' which involves children learning a story very well using a story map. This method allows children to become completely immersed in a story as they re-tell it. Children then adapt these stories and practise writing their own stories.


Phonics is an integral part of children's literacy development. We learn one sound a day with consolidation sessions on Fridays. Children practise reading and writing the sounds and then putting them together to read and write words and eventually sentences!
We will send home a 'Sound book' so you know what sounds your child is learning and some words to practise reading. 


Maths is taught through whole class sessions which start by exploring the concept of number. As the children become more confident with this we move on to look at how to calculate one more/one less. This helps children progress to simple addition and subtraction using a variety of strategies. Children also learn about different shapes and explore time, distance, money and capacity.



At Hannah More we have a School Council where children meet to discuss improvements they want to make to the school. Each class has 2 representatives.
We also have an Eco Committee. Each class has 1 representative. We will let you know who is chosen to represent our class! 

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