Reception Home Learning - Term 5 Week 3

03 May 2020

Welcome to Reception Home Learning this week. It is so lovely to see your photos and hear about what you are getting up to at home. Please keep sending in your work. We can't wait to see what you get up to this week.

Like previous weeks, you can also find your child's learning on their interactive learning diary. Please use this to upload your children's work. We would love to see photos and examples of their work plus anything fun you are doing at home. To log on go to:

If you need help logging on or with any of the activities, please email us This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


Weekly Phone Calls

It was lovely to speak to so many of you again last week. We will ring again this week.  

Miss Wilkinson has changed her day. She will now ring Ladybird children every Tuesday morning between 9am and 12pm.Mrs Sessions and Miss Vintin will ring Caterpillar children every Wednesday morning between 9am and 12pm.
If you need to speak to us before then, please email the school and we will get in touch with you.


Weekly Handwriting Practice

We would like you to practise your handwriting again this week. Try and practise the letters from other weeks too: l   i    t   j   u   y  b  h   m   n   r  p

This week we are going to practise writing these letters:

c   a     d

Watch this video to make sure that you are writing each letter correctly.

Ask an adult to help you draw some straight lines in your book. Use a ruler if you have one. Can you write the letter correctly using the lines? Leave a finger space between each letter. See the image for an example.


Can you write some words that you know that have some of the letters in them?  rib   pin   run  turn hurt

Try and practise your handwriting every day.

Take a photo of your handwriting and ask your parent/carer to put it on your interactive learning diary at the end of the week. Your teachers would love to see it!

PE with Mr Rossetti

Here is your link for your PE lesson this week:


Fine Motor Activities

To support your child's fine motor skills and hand/eye cordination have a go at leaf threading. For this activity find a small thin stick and a selection of leaves (perhaps on your daily exercise). Then using string or cotton tie it onto the end of the stick and get your child to use gentle and controlled movements to push the stick and string through the leaf. See how many your child can string together. At the end you can make a leaf necklace just like Harrison (Mrs Sessions' little boy has done).


To get your children using their fine motor skills why not get them to use household pegs to grip onto different objects. This could be onto paper, saucepans or maybe helping to hang the washing out. You could extend this to incorporate numbers. You can write a number on an object and ask them to clip on that many pegs. Here is an example using leaves.


Creative Activity

This week in English we will be listening to a story about a little girl who jumps in puddles. Why not have a try at this creative activity. Take some photos and send us a picture of your creation.


Extra Phonics lessons

You may wish to have a look at these online lessons that have been created. There are ‘Reception’ lessons and ‘Learning to blend’ lessons further down if your child needs practise with the single sounds and blending. There is a new lesson uploaded each weekday. If you are not sure which lessons are best for your child please ask us.


Friday 8th May - Bank Holiday


Hello Families,


There are no learning activities today because it is a bank holiday. We hope you enjoy the break.

In case you missed this on Twitter, the school adults have made a special video for you. We all miss you and hope to see you soon! Enjoy!

Hannah More from Hannah More Primary School on Vimeo.


Miss Wilkinson, Mrs Sessions and Miss Vintin.


Thursday 7th May


On Tuesday we listened to a story about Ellie’s magic wellies and you drew a picture of your own magic wellies. Can you find them? Tell your adult about your picture.

Listen to the story again:

Today we would like you to imagine jumping in a muddy puddle with your magic wellies. Tell an adult what would happen?

Think about:

Would somebody or something come out of the puddle? What would come out of the puddle?

Would you end up in a different place? Would this place be magical place? Can you describe the place?


Activity: Draw a picture of what would happen if you jumped in a puddle wearing your magical powers. Remember to use your imagination.

Mrs Sessions imagined that a lion would jump out of the puddle. Luckily it was a friendly lion!


Write a sentence to tell us what would happen.

You can use my opening:

When I jump in the puddle ….



Today we’re going to have some fun and create some pictures using the 2D flat shapes that we know.

First, let’s warm up with this game.



Have a look at my photos of the pictures I created using 2D flat shapes.


Can you create a picture using these shapes? If you do not have any 2d flat shapes, draw the shapes like I did in two of my photos.



What shapes did you use? How do you know it is that shape?

Why did you choose to use that shape?


Wednesday 6th May


Can you read all your tricky words? Watch:  AND 

Choose some tricky words your child needs to practise writing.  Practise them with one of these fun ideas eg. use magnetic letters, write them in flour/salt/sugar/rice/lentils etc, water painting or chalk outside.


See the video:

I can’t wait to see what you will choose, send a photo or video. Have fun!

Dinosaur egg game:

Choose either set 2, 3 or 4 for a challenge! These are a mixture of ‘tricky words’ and words your child can sound out with their ‘Robot Arms’.



Here are some fun games to play which will help you learn about 2D flat shapes.

Have fun playing them :)

  • Match the shapes

  • Create a picture out of shapes

  • Shape Reveal: Can you guess the shape?

  • Shape splat


Tuesday 5th May


This week we are going to explore a new story. The story is called: Ellie’s Magic Wellies

Watch the story by following this link.

Talk to an adult about the story:

What present did Aunt Flo bring for Ellie?

What happened when Ellie jumped into the puddle?

What did Flibberty do when Ellie showed him the fridge?

What did Ellie and Flibberty have to do quickly before mum came home?

What happened to Flibberty at the end of the story?

Activity: Imagine you had your own magic wellies. What would they look like? Can you draw and colour a picture of your magic wellies? Make sure you make your picture really big. Ask an adult to help you draw the outline of the wellies and then you can draw the design.



Look at these shapes that we know.

Miss Wilkinson made the shapes using pencils.

What shapes have I made?

What can you tell me about each shape?

How do you know it is that shape? (For example: “I know it is a triangle because it has got 3 sides and 3 corners”)

Now it is your turn: Can you make different shapes with pencils? Start with the shapes that I have made. You can use pencils, sticks or straws. Tell your adult about the shapes that you have made.


Say how many sticks you need for a triangle and how many sticks you need to make a square? Why is this?

Tell your adult why can’t we make a circle using one stick?

Can you make a pentagon?



Monday 4th May


Musical sounds! Please watch the video on ILD to see how to play the game or follow the instructions below.

Adults - choose 10 sounds from your sound mat your child needs to practice. Write them on pieces of paper. (If they know all the sounds you could write words with the sounds in or tricky words instead) Put the sounds on the floor. Play your favourite music and dance around! Adults – pause the music and say one of the sounds or words. Children can you find the sound and jump on it? Join in and say the sound together. Keep going with more dancing and jumping!

(If you don’t want to use music you can just say the sound and ask your child to jump or stand on it) We would love to see photos and videos of you playing the game.

Today we are learning to read longer words (CCVCC words)

Watch this video on Espresso. Join in with your ‘Robot Arms’ to read the words. (You will have to log in - email school This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you need the login.)

On the right there are links to blending, reading and spelling games. Any of these will be useful for you to play. The easiest is blending. Have fun!


Watch this Numberblock video to remind you about the 2D flat shapes we have learnt!

Now watch this video. Can you name the shape?

In the 2nd video we learnt that shapes are everywhere!

Go for a walk with your parents as part of your daily exercise and take photos of the shapes you see!

Here are some of my examples. Can you see the shapes I spotted?



[If you are unable to go for a walk, look outside the window! What shapes can you see?] 

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