Reception - Term 6 Week 1

31 May 2020

This week we begin to welcome the Reception children back to school. Group A will be in on Mondays and Tuesday and Group B will be in on Thursdays and Fridays. As well as the work we set in school we will also continue to set some learning here. This means you can continue to work at home on the days that you are not at school.

What if my child won't be attending school this week?

We undersatnd that not all children will return to school this week and support all families in the decisions that you make. You must send your child back to school when you feel that it is safe to do so. If you have decided to keep yout child at home this week then please support them to complete all of the learning that is on this blog page. After this week we will begin calling the families who do not send their children back to school. We will call families on a Wednesday afternoon between 1 and 4pm. Calls will start on Wednesday 10th June. However if you have any questions or concerns and would like to speak to us before then please phone the office and leave a message or send us an email to the school's email address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

We want to support you as best we can and we are more than happy to hear from you.


PE with Mr Rossetti



Creative Task

This week when you are out for a walk collect some natural resources - leaves, stones and sticks work perfectly. Can you use these resources to make a picture? Here is Mrs Sessions' picture of a leaf monster.

Day 1


In school we have been thinking about why school is different at the moment. We know that it is because there is a nasty virus called coronavirus. Watch this video that Dr Ranj made for Cbeebies to help explain coronavirus to young children.

In the video Dr Ranj explains that it is important to wash your hands.

Activity: Practise washing your hands. Talk to an adult and tell them why it is important to wash your hands.


This week we are continuing to learn about repeating patterns.

‘A repeated pattern is a pattern that keeps happening again and again and again’

Problem Polly has been completing patterns. Look at the patterns below. Are they correct or has she made a mistake? Why do you know this?

Now watch these songs:



Watch the Jolly phonic songs and find each sound on your sound mat. For a challenge you could write each sound in your book or in another way.

Game: What’s in the box? - If you have played this game before perhaps try to find some different objects.

You will need:

Any bag or box

Any 5 objects from the list below – have a look around your home to see what you have. You could draw pictures if this is easier.

Paper and a pencil – or chalk, paint, magnetic letters, whiteboard and pen.

Sound mat

Short words – pan, mat, pen, peg, mug, cup, pot, hat, box, bag, tin, pin, red, sock, doll, jam, zip, jug

Challenge words –light, wood, book, car, jar, fork, towel, coin, chair, glass, paint, soap, shell, ring, brush, coat, food, corn, cow, owl, oil, fish, sheep, goat, spoon, scarf, belt, stick

Super challenge – picture, hairbrush, toothbrush, liquid, shampoo, lunchbox, jumper

Hide the objects in the bag or box.

SING: What’s in the bag? Or What’s in the box? –See Miss Vintin’s video

The children know this song well so should be able to sing it with you. The words are:

What’s in the box, What’s in the box? Look and see, look and see, What’s in the box?

Ask your child to take one object out of the box or bag. What is it? If they don’t know tell them the word.

Use your ‘robot arms’ to say the sounds.

Write down the sounds you hear. Use the sound mat if you need help with the sounds.

*Challenge* Write a sentence about each of your objects. eg. I drink from a cup. The car is green. Jam is sweet.

Send me a photo or video of your great learning!


Day 2


In school we have watched this video.

Watch the video again with your family. You will need to ask an adult to help you read the words.

We know that things are a bit different at the moment and it is hard because we can’t hug our friends or family that don’t live with us.

Can you think of a friend or family member that you miss?

Activity: Can you draw a picture for that person or write a letter to that person?


Watch the tricky words songs: Challenge (Phase 4)

Point to the words on your tricky word mat – For a challenge – Can you choose 3 tricky words and write a sentence with the word in?

Choose some tricky words your child needs to practise.

Practise them with one of these fun ideas eg. use magnetic letters, write them in flour/salt/sugar/rice/lentils etc, water painting or chalk outside. See the video:


Or play the ‘high five’ game: See the video:


Day 3


Things are different in our world at the moment. We have to stay safe so that we don’t get poorly. This means that lots of things are shut and we can’t do things that we used to enjoy before.

Talk to your adult about the things that you have missed doing during lockdown. What things are you looking forward to doing when the coronavirus goes away?

Activity: Draw a picture of something that you would like to do when the coronavirus goes away?


Before the half term you created your own patterns. Today, make your own pattern again but this time make it more challenging. See my example photos below to help you OR b) you might like to use 1 part a number of times before using another part.

Example a) you might like to use three or four different items.


Example b) you might like to use 1 part a number of times before using another part.

Now watch these videos:


If you want to do more phonics practise remember these websites:

Daily phonics lessons for Reception children:


Click on ‘Foundation’ then ‘Phonics’

Read your books on Bug Club:

Play lots of great phonic games on:

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