Year 1 Home Learning: Term 3 Week 4

22 January 2021


Please email me at  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you need any help with home learning. 


Hannah More Cake Decorating Competition: Click Here to see more information


 Cake Recipes:

or for those that find baking hard 



Click Read More below to see this weeks learning



Bug Club 

This week we will start to use Bug Club in our learning.  I have reset everybodies logins so they should now work. Please email me if you're still having problems at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

This video will help you use Bug Club.


Watch this video made for Year 2. It will also help you to use Bug Club.







Today's 10.30am Maths lessons is now finished.


We will be using this worksheet in Maths today :) 

Using a Bar Model - Number Bonds to 20





Today's video looks at three different tricky words: Looked, Asked, Called.




Hi everyone, today we are writing recipes! You have three choice, you only need to do one. Option 2 is a bit easier.


Option 1: Write the recipe for a fruit smoothie. 

Use this document to help guide you.  Click here to open Option 1


Option 2: If above is a little tricky, then complete this worksheet. The sentences in the recipe are missing Time Connectives and Verbs.

Complete this worksheet. Click here to open Option 2


Option 3: Write your own recipe! Remember to use time connectives (e.g. First, next, then, after that, lastly) and verbs (doing words e.g. wash, chop, cut,)

I know lots of you know how to make pancakes and sandwiches. Maybe some of you are making a birthday cake for the cake decorating competition on Tuesday! (Remember to send photos of cakes before Tuesday).

Have a go at writing your own recipe. 




There are different types of food groups. Protein, dairy, carbohydrates. Watch the video to find out more.






Story Time 




Thursday 28th January 




Today we will continue learning about the Number Bonds to 20.


Now have a go at the worksheet. You can use the rainbow picture below to help you.

Click here to open the worksheet.







Today we are learning the sound 'ph'.


There is no worksheet for phonics today.  






Today we are putting instructions in order. You may need to watch yesterday's video again.

1. Match the steps to the instruction sentences.

2. Highlight the time connectives (next, after that, then, first, lastly).


Click here to open worksheet



Read the words below. Are they a 'yoo' sound word or an 'oo' sound word.

 Click here to open 'ue' worksheet.



Watch my video. Can you remember all the parts of the recipe? 

After watching the video, draw the 'Ingredients' and 'Method'. Label the pictures in your Method using verbs (e.g. wash, peel, chop, add, blend).

My video will help you know how to do this.




Today we will start to learn our number bonds to 20.

Watch this video and complete worksheet as you go. It will help introduce number bonds to 20.


Click here to open your math's worksheet


Spr1.3.1 - Add by making 10 activity from White Rose Maths on Vimeo.








Tuesday 26th January


Phonics - ue (oo sound)


Today we are looking at the diagraph 'ue'. This can make an oo sound or a yoo sound. Today we focus on the oo sound 'ue' makes. 






Today we are looking at instructions. Intructions are a type of non-fiction and tell us how to do something.

Instructions use time connectives and verbs to help guide us.


Watch the video above. It will help you with your work.

Open the recipe below. Can you find:

1. Time Connectives

2. Verbs


CLICK HERE to open English Work





Keep practising the number bonds. You need to remember them with no help. 


Click here to open worksheet 1

Click here to open worksheet 2

Click here to open worksheet 3



22nd January 2021




Today we are practising the 'aw' sound.




Today and tomorrow we are practising our Number Bonds to 10. 

We need to be really quick at remembering our number bonds. Knowing our number bonds will help our maths.

Let's refresh our memories. What do you notice in the picture below.



Are you ready? Let's see how quick you are at remembering your number bonds!!!! Watch my video


Now watch this video.


Here are some worksheets to help you get quicker at knowing your number bonds.

Click here to open worksheet 1

Click here to open worksheet 2

Click here to open worksheet 3



 Do you have any fruit at home? Try different fruits and talk about how they taste with your adult. Remember to use a full sentence.

Here is an example sentence:

"The pear tastes sweet and sticky.".

"The orange tastes bitter and sour."


 Use the word mat below to help you.



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