Term 4 Week 2

26 February 2021


We've made it!

Today is the last day of home learning. Please open the blog below to see information about coming back to school on Monday.


Zoom Meetings have finished.


Click Read more below to open blog and see this weeks learning.

Friday 5th March


There are two welcome back videos; one for children and one for parents.


Welcome Back Children




The classrooms look a bit different because all the tables are facing the same way.

Here is a picture of Elmer Classroom.



Thank You Parents!




On Monday please remember to bring the Ipad and cable you borrowed from the school.

Some parents borrowed a charger which also need to be returned.

Thank you :)




Today we are learning about toys from the past!

We will learn about what they were made of, how they were made and how they moved. 





Toys in Space

Our friends in the Alternative Provision have performed Toys in Space for us. They really really hope you like it!

Please don't worry when the sound disappears and comes back again. We were having some technical issues.







Enf of Day Story






See you on Monday!



Thursday 4th March




Activity 1


Join me at 9.00am for a special zoom lesson.

We will:

1) Talk about our favourite books.

2) Listen to a special story called 'Little Red and the Lion'.. Today's activities are all based on this story.

Everyone in the school are going to have fun with this story today :D


 Zoom Lesson: Finished 


Here is the story if you want to hear it again:




Activty 2: World Book Day Assembly (pre-recorded)


Watch our special assesembly about World Book Day.

We will learn what World Book Day is, how to celebrate World Book Day and what makes books so much fun!


Every year your teachers act one of your favourite stories during World Book Day assembly.

We can't perform in assembly this year so we have recorded it for you! 


There is also a Scavenger Hunt to take part in! Watch the assembly for more information. The scavenger hunt sheets are below the video.


Enjoy the special assembly.




Activity 3: Scavenger Hunt


Now you have watched Assembly here is your special Scavenger Hunt Activity.


Click here to open your Scavenger Hunt activity.



Activity 4: Describing Little Red and the Lion


This week we have been practising using adjectives and using them to describe Hoctopize and our toys. 

You are now Adjective Experts!

Choose one character from Little Red to describe. You can choose 'Little Red' or the 'Lion'.

Have a go at decribing them.


Click here to open the Little Red worksheet


Click here to open the Lion worksheet



Activity 5: Give the Lion a new hair cut.


Click here to draw a new hair cut for the Lion.



Activity 6: Dear Zoo


Your friends at school have made a video telling the story of one of your favourite stories from nursery. Can you remember the story? See if you can join in:




Activity 7: We're Going on a Bear Hunt


Join Cosmic Kids to tell the story of 'We're Going on a Bear Hunt' by Michael Rosin.




Activity 8: Chocolate Cake


We're big fans of Michael Rosin in Year 1. Here is a link to our favourite poem :)




Activity 9: 3.00pm End of Day Story


Join me at the end of the day at 3.00pm for a story :)

Zoom Call Finished 

3rd March January



Hi everyone, 

Watch the videos below learn about the split diagraph o-e.




Now play this game :)





In our story 'Toys in Space', Hoctopize has lost his toy :(

Hoctopize has made special posters to tell people he had lots his toy and to ask if they had seen it.

Have a look at this lost poster.

Can you see the adjectives?


Image Coming Soon


Have a go at creating your own lost poster. 

Either create a poster for Hoctopize's lost toy or create a poster for one of your toys.


When you create your poster you need to:

- describe the toy. What does it look like? Remember to use lots of lovely adjectives.

- remember your finger spaces.

- remember to use full stops.


Here is a template. 

Click here to open the template. or use the image below.






Watch this video to practise one more and one less using numbers up to 50.


Spr1.6.1 - One more one less from White Rose Maths on Vimeo.


Click here to open your math worksheet


Tuesday 2nd March





9am Phonics Zoom Lesson: 

Link will be posted before 9am.






Watch this video of the story 'Toys in Space' using a story map that Ms Wilkins made. 


Now it's your turn. Have a go at making your own story map for 'Toys in Space'.

Send to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.





Spr1.5.5 - Represent numbers to 50 from White Rose Maths on Vimeo.


Click here to open your Math Worksheet



1st March 2021



Today we are practising the a-i sound.

Zoom link will be posted at 8.45am.



Extra Resources





Today we will listen to the rest of the story 'Toys in Space'.





Today we're going to look again at adding tens and ones. 


Spr1.5.4 - Tens and ones from White Rose Maths on Vimeo.


If you did not complete this worksheet last term then please complete it first. 

Click here to open worksheet 1



Now complete this worksheet:

Click here to open worksheet 2


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