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Engineering at Hannah More

Engineering at Hannah More

Engineering at Hannah More is taught with the aim to develop our children’s creativity. We aim to support our children in learning how to participate successfully in an increasingly technological world by teaching them both practical and theoretical skills.

Engineering Curriculum at Hannah More

Year 1

What is my hat made of?

Children will design and make their own hats using a variety of materials including card, paper, tissue and foil.

How can we play in different ways?

Children will design and make a page in a moving book. They will use paper or split pins to create a lever or slider.

Year 2

How do we live a healthy life?

Children will prepare a meal as a part of a balanced and healthy diet. The children will learn how to select the relevant tools for each part of the cooking process.

What could Traction Man’s playground be made of?

Children will design and make a kitchen table for Traction Man. They will explore different materials and joining techniques to create a table which stands independently.

Year 3

Where does darkness come from?

Children will build on their knowledge of levers and linkages, exploring the different inputs and outputs. They will use appropriate materials to make a working shadow puppet.

Year 4

What’s the difference between noise and sound?

Year 4 will make links in their learning to understand how sound travels and create an effective instrument.

How does electricity flow?

The children will use their knowledge of conductors and insulators to create an electronic game including buzzers.

Year 5

What is chocolate?

Year 5 will be designing and creating packaging for a box of chocolates. They will learn how to create a net and evaluate the effectiveness of their products.

Where is our twin?

The children will create an applique square in which they will layer different textiles using a variety of stitches. The children will learn how to cut and join fabric.

Year 6

Mechanical systems: pulleys or gears?

Children will build on their understanding of circuits in designing and making a motorised toy car. The children will be introduced to cutting with saws in order to build the car.

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