How we teach Music

Music can be found throughout the school week in each year group at Hannah More. We believe in using and teaching music not only develops children’s creativity but also as a way to express their feelings. There are discrete music lessons but it is also woven in throughout the week in our assemblies and performances across the year.


Assembly Music

Each week a new song is chosen and played at the beginning all assemblies during the week. This gives children the opportunity to hear music and instruments they wouldn’t usually listen to or see. Click here to find out about this term's music.

In term 1 & 2 we listen to Western classical music.
In term 3 & 4 we listen to Music from around the world.
In term 5 we listen to Jazz
In term 6 we listen to current popular music and pupil favorites!


Singing Assemblies

Every week children attend singing assemblies where they practise old songs and learn new songs as well as how to warm up their voices. In the EYFS & KS1 singing assembly we focus on the rise and fall of melodies and how to use expression and articulation when we sing. In KS2 we focus on how to use dynamics when singing and learn the Italian musical vocabulary.


Class Teaching 

Each year group is taught music for 1 term. These lessons are separate to the enquiries. Some year groups also teach additional music lessons which link to their enquiries. See ‘Music Curriculum at Hannah More’ below for more information about what is taught in music lessons.


Year Performance

Every class practises and performs a play once a year. These plays consist of songs to sing and melodies to learn.


Ukulele Lessons in Year 4

Children in Year 4 are taught Ukulele. In these lessons they learn rhythms (supporting counting and dividing skills) and melodies.


Music Explorers (EYFS & KS1 Club) – Term 5 - 6

Children in Reception and KS1 have the opportunity to explore different instruments (tuned, untuned and electronic) and learn about the different building blocks needed to make music (rhythm, melody, harmony).


Music Curriculum at Hannah More

Year 1


Year 1 explore the topic ‘Water’ through music. Children learn to notice pitch (low or high sounding note) and how pitch is used in a song. They learn about dynamics (volume) and how to use dynamics to represent water. Children explore untuned instruments (percussion) to represent sea moods and how instruments can be used to change the timbre (sound and texture) of a piece of music. Children also learnt the difference between pulse and rhythm.


Year 2


Year 2 explore the topic ‘Air’ through music. Children learn to trace the pitch of a song (e.g. with their hands). Children learn about a simple song structure called a Rondo. Children have the opportunity to create their own songs to represent clouds and perform compositions to their class. Children explore recording ideas on paper. Children start to explore how music can be composed and performed at different tempi. Children start to learn to be analytical of music by listening to music and to recordings of singing practise.


Year 3

Year 3 explore the topic ‘Water’ through Music. Children continue to learn about different song structures such as ostinatos and ‘call and response’. Children develop their composition skills by composing soundscape music for a ‘Storm’ and will think about how to use timbres and dynamics to create a storm sound. Children start to learn musical terminology such as ‘forte’ (loud) and ‘piano’ (soft). Children think about how they can write their music down (graphic score).


Year 4

Year 4 explore the topic ‘Air’ through music. Children continue to explore sounds (timbre) that can be made using percussion instruments and use this to represent sounds a hot air balloon makes. Children perform their own compositions ‘Hot Air Balloon Journey’ and have a chance to be a critical audience. Children begin to make scores with symbols to represent sounds that are being played. Introduce the idea that a score makes sure we play the same thing each time.


Year 5

Year 5 explore the topic ‘Water’ through music. Children will learn to explore dynamics using classroom percussion, voices and body percussion to create a wave sound effect. Children will explore different rhythms. Children will have an opportunity to compose their own ostinato and compose a ternary structured piece of music. Children to develop their notation using graphic scores.

Year 6

Year 6 explore the topic ‘Air’ through music. Children will have the opportunity to conduct and lead tempo changes and dynamics. Children will compose their own music about the Air Fiesta and record their music on a graphic score using their own notation. Children will learn to read other graphic scores and look at how pitch is represented. Children to continue to develop their analytical skills by discussing different pieces of music and how they represent Air.




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