How we teach reading

Reading has a high profile at Hannah More, as it is the key to effective learning. We aim to foster pleasure in reading, which will remain with the children for life. Children are encouraged to love books and read independently for progress and pleasure.

Guided Reading takes place in classes daily through a carousel of Reading activities to further develop word recognition and comprehension skills. Key questions are focused on specific texts that challenge children's ideas and develop their ability to infer, deduce and speculate on the reasons for authors' choices.

In Reception classes, Year 1 and Year 2, reading is taught through our phonics scheme. You can read more about our Phonics scheme here.

As well as the teaching of phonics, there is also a focus on comprehension and reading for enjoyment. Every class from year 1 upwards has a guided reading session every day, for half an hour. Each group works at least once a week with the teacher, taking part in a guided reading session following a detailed plan. During this time, the other groups focus on other reading activities linked to the text that they are reading with the teacher. These may be:

Comprehension: reading a section of the text independently and answering questions on it.

Silent Reading, the children read books/comics/newspapers or stories/poems they have written themselves, in silence.

Follow-up Tasks, linked to a guided reading session.

Vocabulary tasks, linked to the text that is being read with the teacher

More About 'Reading For Enjoyment'

In class teachers spend time sharing their favourite books with their class. Each term, each year group study a particular author. They read and compare books by their chosen author.

Furthermore, part of learning to read well is about finding your way around a good library. We are building towards a well stocked, fully working library that is run by children as well as staff. We want interesting information texts, linked to websites. We want a whole variety of interesting stories.

There are two children from each class who have been trained as 'Junior Librarians'. The children who wanted to be librarians wrote an application. We looked for children who had characteristics and skills suited to library work. However, above all this, we were looking for children who love reading a wide variety of books. Our librarians help other children find books in the library that are exciting, interesting and easy enough to read but with a bit of a challenge thrown in.

Watch our video below, in English or Somali, to learn more about what we do and how you can support your child in learning to read.

Reading with your child: English version

Reading with your child: Somali version


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