Celebrating success

Each week, one child from every class is chosen as the "SuperKids" if they have shown excellent behaviour or outstanding learning consistently throughout the week.

This weeks SuperKids are:


This superkid has been fantastic all term! She listens well and tries hard with all her learning which has helped her make really good progress. She is such a kind friend and is always helpful. We are very proud, well done Huda!


I am so proud of what this child has achieved this year. She is kind, helpful and a friend to all. She has met all her challenges with a positive ‘can do’ attitude. She has exceeded in maths and has been excited to have a go at ‘math challenges’. Today is her last day in reception and I know that she will make a brilliant member of Elmer class


Hamza has amazed the adults in class this week. He has consistently been really focused on his work and is making a massive effort in his learning. He is always a really kind and caring friend, who always looks after others. He always sets a great example.He has also been doing lots of extra reading at home and this is making a really big difference. Keep up the fantastic work Hamza!

YEAR 1 ELMER - Nazmin

Nazmin has worked so hard this term on remembering her maths skills. She is now able to add and take away without any adult help, and is showing great resilience and independence skills when working at her desk and correcting juicy mistakes. She has come back into Elmer class with a real can-do attitude, and all the adults in Elmer are really proud of her. Well done Nazmin!

 YEAR 2 BFG - Mahamed

This week’s superkid is always an absorbed and dedicated learner. He listens beautifully on the carpet, consistently shows gold standard behaviour and always tries his hardest with every piece of work that he does. We are incredibly proud of him – well done Mahamed!


This week’s Superkid has really stood when practising for Hannah More’s got talent. She has really put in 100% in showing off her beautiful singing voice and joining in with all the actions. Not only that, this Superkid has shown fantastic maths skills when adding and subtracting 3 digit numbers! Well done Premaja.

Year 3 KINGFISHER - Dirshe

This superkid has had a brilliant year.  He has made excellent progress in his learning and worked really hard on the tests we did last week.  He is a fantastic role model to others in the class and always follows our behaviour expectations perfectly.  He works hard on his class learning and has done some particularly great writing recently.  He takes pride in his work and has been a pleasure to teach this year!  Well done Dirshe! 


This superkid has made SUPER progress this year. He has transformed his attitude to learning and towards others and is now someone who everyone can reply on. He shows wonderful collaboration skills in every aspect of the days and he is also a brilliant role model for behaviour in the classroom. He is consistently ready before the countdown has finished and will kindly prompt the others around him to do the same. He takes great pride and care in his work and also celebrates his friends too. I’m incredibly proud of him and hope he has a lovely summer and starts Year 4 with this wonderful attitude!.

 YEAR 4 SWIFT - Yackhob

This superkid has matured hugely over this term and I have seen some real changes in his behaviour and attitude to learning. I am very impressed by how hard he is working in class on his learning, but also the effort he is putting into having successful lunch and break times. This is helping him come back to class nice and calm and ready to learn. Well done Yackhob!

YEAR 4 SWALLOW - Alyssia-Mae

My superkid has worked really hard this year to settle in class and focus on her learning even when she finds things difficult. This week, Alyssia-Mae has had lots of different adults and has had a few things out of her timetable however this hasn’t stopped her from coming back to class and learning a whole new dance for Hannah More’s got talent - in about an hour! I am so proud of how she has collaborated with a group of children she wouldn’t normally work with as it shows how determined and mature she has become.

YEAR 5 OWL - Jadene

Jadene has tried really hard to be in the right place at the right time this week.  Shas solved many problems very quickly and has worked hard on building relationships in class.  We have been on two trips this week and she has been amazing on both.  She got involved in all the activities that were laid before us with enthusiasm and drive.  Well done Jadene.  Keep it up!

YEAR 5 DOVE - Saleeban

He is my super kid because he is more attentive with regards to his work and learning.  Saleeban makes an effort to know what’s expected of him during lessons.  He’s been asking questions about his learning and is showing more interest in getting things right.  Also, Saleeban gets me now, so when I catch him looking the wrong way and I call his name, he doesn’t scowl or frown, but smiles and sorts himself out!  Well done and Thank you Saleeban.


Ilyas has impressed me with his mature, positive attitude this week. He has been helpful in the class and well engaged in learning activities. He has shown openness to our visitors from Metro Bank and been a positive part of our performance practice. Most impressively, he has thought carefully about how he can best get on in the classroom after a tricky week last week and is back to his usual helpful, happy self.

YEAR 6 EAGLE - Mohamed H

This week, Mohamed has shown the upmost respect to all who have interacted with him. I have been so proud of him for this as he has set a great example to others. He engaged brilliantly in our visit from Metro Bank and in all aspects of the week, impressing all the adults at swimming too! Mohamed you have matured so much this year. Well done!



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