Celebrating success

Each week, one child from every class is chosen as the 'SuperKid', if they have shown excellent behaviour or outstanding learning. 

SuperKids are presented with a certificate and given a special sticker at our Friday celebration assembly. They are also invited to afternoon tea with the Headteacher or Deputy Head!

This weeks' SuperKids are:


Abdulrauf has been very engaged with his learning this week. He has shown nurture to the chicks and taken a keen interest in taking care of them. He has been focussed in whole class sessions and busy time, listening carefully to adults and working well with others. Well done Abdulrauf!


Mohamed is a role model for the rest of the class. His behaviour is always gold standard, he always wants to learn and to share his knowledge and he is always smiling. He has grown in maturity this term and will now solve his own problems rather than ask an adult. Ladybird adults are super proud to award Mohamed ‘Super Kid’ today. Well Done!

YEAR 1 GRUFFALO -  Premaja

Premaja was fantastic on the stage during the year 1 performance ‘The Litter Muncher.’ She really enjoyed joining in with all the songs and gave the show her best shot.! Welldone for having such confidence on stage!


Muna always makes sure she is doing Gold standard behaviour and is engaged in her learning. She shows respect to everyone in the class and around the school and always remembers to use her manners. She has worked incredibly hard in lessons this week and did a fantastic job of remembering her lines in the Year 1 performance. Well done Muna!

YEAR 2 BFG - Summeya 

She has worked hard to build her resilience and as a result is working more independently. She takes pride in all of her work and is a role model to the class. It has been lovely to see Summeya grow in confidence and begin to share her ideas more with the class. Keep up the hard work!


It is a pleasure teaching Keijah. She is a respectful, kind and hard-working member of the class. I am very proud of Keijah for persevering with her writing, even though she finds it a little trickier. She is now independently using her sounds and punctuation.

Year 3 WOODPECKER - Zakaria 

Our super kid has a brilliant attitude to learning this week. He has taken year three’s new rules on board fantastically and has been very helpful to both his peers and the adults. He also has a very resilient attitude to his learning and takes great pride in all that he does, which makes his teacher fantastically proud. Keep it up!


Nasiim has made an improved effort with her focus and engagement over the past few weeks. She is listening more carefully to new learning and quicker to start tasks. This means she is now getting more work done at her table and learning more as a result.

 YEAR 4 SWIFT - Saleman

For being on silver or gold all this week and last week! He always completes every piece of work as best he can which is why his work is always a pleasure to read. Saleman always gets on with his work without a fuss and enjoys helpings his peers when they are stuck –Thank you for being my mini teacher J


For showing enthusiasm and engagement in all of his learning this week. This person tries really hard and makes his teacher so proud when she marks his work. As well as being a fab learner this week, he has shown real maturity this week by being solutions focused and reflecting on his own actions. Well done and keep it up!

YEAR 5 DOVE - Khalid

When I think of Khalid, the word which pops into my head is ‘responsibility’ and how he has made such a huge effort to take responsibility for all areas of his learning at HM. With responsibility, we are seeing confidence in Khalid. With confidence we are seeing better engagement, which of course leads to improved outcomes. Finally, with all of this, comes a beaming smile of ‘feeling proud’ at the end of each learning task! We love your smile in Dove team – especially when you performed your poem with DEREK DREW J

YEAR 5 OWL - Mohamed A

I am so impressed with Mohamed’s determination over the past few weeks. He has actively improved his work based on the suggestions I have given to him in all his subjects and has been superb at ignoring distractions. Mohamed has neatened up his handwriting, thought even more about his presentation, and has been tackling challenge tasks more frequently.

YEAR 6 EAGLE - Bilal

Bilal has made a real effort this week to focus on producing his best. He is continually striving to reach his potential and knows what is required of him to do this. This attitude will get you a long way, Bilal! Keep it up – you’re doing a good job!

YEAR 6 KESTREL -  Nurhan

The superkid this week has been working at 110%! She has wowed the adults with her use of language in her writing and she has been doing extra at home with her reading. The adults have all been impressed with her absorption and ability to work independently. Keep up the fantastic effort you are putting in.


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