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Each week, one child from every class is chosen as the SuperKid', if they have shown excellent behaviour or outstanding learning. 

Superkids are presented with a certificate and given a special sticker at our Friday celebration assembly. They are also invited to afternoon tea with the Headteacher or Deputy Head!

This weeks Superkids are:


This week Faith has showed really perseverance in her learning. Even when she has found things challenging she was willing to have a go. Faith also has been a great role model for other children this week. She has consistently showed gold standard behaviour both in the classroom and moving about the school. She has been absor bed in all her learning and engages in class discussions. Well done Faith!

YEAR 1 ELMER - Issa 

This week, Issa has come back to school with a fantastic learning attitude. He is working independently at his table, following instructions to check his sentences make sense, and has tried really hard to use his sounds independently. He has been a very kind friend, and helped some children who were feeling sad on the playground. Well done Issa!

YEAR 2 BFG - Alex

This week Alex has been really absorbed in all aspects of his learning. He has persevered with his maths work and written a brilliant diary entry. He is always showing gold standard behaviour and the adults in his class are so impressed about how he has started Year 2


Sara has been an inspiration this week and shown her class what engaged learning looks like. She has shown enthusiasm on the carpet and is always eager to answer questions and talk to her partner. What a great start to Year 2!

Year 3 KINGSFISHER - Hassan

Hassan has really impressed me this week. He has shown that he can manage his distractions so that he can be absorbed in his learning. Over the week Hassan has really improved his listening skills and is getting really good at showing me he is ready to learn. I am really proud of the way Hassan has chosen to start Year 3 – keep it up! Well done Hassan.


This superkid has started the term with a fantastic attitude. She has been an exceptional role model to her peers as she has been ready and listening and absorbed in all her learning this week. She has also shown she is able to collaborate as she has worked well with a number of peers over the past few days. Keep it up and you’ll have a brilliant year in Year 3!

YEAR 4 SWALLOW - Mohammad A

Mohammad has had a brilliant start to the school year. He has shown enthusiasm and determination in all of his learning which has resulted in brilliant work. He has been a fantastic role model for the rest of his class as he has been respectful and polite throughout the week. I am so pleased to have him in my class!

YEAR 4 SWIFT - Faizaan 

Faizaan came back to school this term with a brilliant attitude. He has shown an immense amount of effort in every piece of work he has completed. He has proven to be a very resilient learner, who questions, makes links and knows when to ask for help. Faizaan you are a fantastic asset to Swift class- keep up the outstanding learning!

YEAR 5 OWL - Amal

AAmal has really impressed all the adults so far this time with her kindness and manners. She has been very polite and welcoming and shown real maturity. She has really engaged in all her learning and been very helpful around the class. I’m really proud of the start she has had in Year 5!

YEAR 5 DOVE -Rajwa

What a mature and hard-working Superkid we have in Dove this week! She has been an incredible writer with excellent presentation and impressed the adults with a responsible and resilient attitude. You are going to do so well this year Rajwa!!

YEAR 6 EAGLE - Linaz

This superkid has been the very model of all our themes this week – she’s been creative with her problem solving, gotten active in fitness challenges, collaborated effectively with others and been open in sharing things that are important to her. Throughout the whole week’s activities she’s been a positive superstar!

YEAR 6 KESTREL - Abdirahman 

Abdirahman has shown enthusiasm and engagement throughout the week’s worth of activities. He’s demonstrated excellent respect to all adults and has proven himself able to collaborate effectively with other people. He’s been dependable all week long, demonstrating a high level of maturity.


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