Celebrating success

Each week, one child from every class is chosen as the "SuperKid" if they have shown excellent behaviour or outstanding learning consistently throughout the week.

This weeks SuperKids are:


This is Ladybird’s Superkid because of their enthusiasm and enjoyment when practising for the school performance. They have been working really hard to practise the songs and learn where he should be.
They are also a kind and caring friend to their peers


This superkid has had a really positive attitude to learning this week. He has been really engaged in Phonics, joining in really well, trying his best and persevering even when he found it tricky. It has been lovely to see him gaining confidence and believing he can do it. We are really proud of you Amar, keep it up!


Mawaddah has really turned her learning behaviour around since the start of Year 1.
All adults in Year 1 have noticed how hard she is trying and the extra effort she is putting in to manage her distractions. She wrote a fantastic piece about a magic hat, and we can’t wait to read her instructions!

YEAR 1 ELMER - Aisha Djama

Aisha has made amazing progress in her phonics and learning behaviour this term. She has been noticed in Miss Wilkins phonics group, and Miss Hall has also noticed how hard she is trying in her English and Enquiry – which she sometimes finds tricky!
Well done Aisha = and keep it up!

YEAR 2 BFG -Aisha

This Superkid has had a brilliant week this week. She has really impressed me with her reading skills and has been trying incredibly hard to make her work much neater. She has also been working hard at home and it has been lovely to see how she’s been pushing herself in her learning. Well done Aisha – keep it up!


Fayola has shown a really positive attitude in her learning this week. I can see she is taking care over her presentation in her work and she has been pushing herself to write exciting interesting sentences in her non-fiction book about Brunel. She has really improved in her reading over the term and is using her reading skills to help her work independently in lots of different lessons! Well done and keep it up Fayola.


This superkid has had a fantastic week. She has concentrated so hard in all the tests we have done this week and has proven just how much she has learnt. This superkid has also done some brilliant writing and used all of her enquiry knowledge to write a fantastic non-chronological report about what is under our feet. Keep up the hard work! Well done Jasmine!


This superkid has risen to the challenge this week. In year 3, we have been testing and writing and Halimo has worked incredibly hard! Her tests have shown how hard she has worked for the past 2 terms and I have felt so proud of her focus and determination. Halimo has improved her writing over the past two terms and her non-chronological report is a wonderful example of this! Well done Halimo!

YEAR 4 SWIFT - Hassan

I have been blown away by this super kid this week, who is in fact, a super- scientist. Y4 have been doing lots of science every day and this super kid has amazed me with his predictions for our experiments and his use of scientific language in his explanations. In particular, his knowledge of how soundwaves travel through different mediums. Very impressive work, Hassan!


This person is the perfect example of a super kid. She is always kind and considerate of others and is a role model for the class. She takes all challenges in her stride and has an excellent attitude towards her learning.
She always puts a smile on my face and is a pleasure to have in the classroom. Thank you, Ashley.

 YEAR 5 DOVE - Shaquille

This superkid has worked very hard on his collaboration skills this week and has really impressed his teacher. He has been a wonderful role model to those around him as he has been absorbed in his learning and contributed ideas consistently. His presentation is consistenly a wonderful standard and he is a very reflective learner who can make corrections, and also improve his work, independently. He has shown a huge improvement in his general attitude towards learning and his teacher hopes it stays!


This superkid is someone who quietly beavers away in class. She is a successful learner because she focusses on herself and doing her best. She achieved the top mark in our reading test last week and continues to impress me in art. She is a talented artist who made an incredible weaver bird nest sculpture this week which showed her ability to be precise, careful and creative. You are a fab member of Owl class Kia! 


This superkid has made conscious choices to show an improved level of maturity this week and to make everyone around him proud. His focus on his learning has meant that he has set an example to those around him and has shown he can collaborate with a variety of different people.

YEAR 6 KESTREL - Beverley

This superkid focuses with maturity on their work in learning time, putting in 100% effort to do the best that they can. She listens attentively and offers her ideas in class discussions. She is eager to do well and improve. This superkid sets a good example to others and encourages others to do the right thing. She is new to the school but has settled in superbly – she is a credit to herself and should be very proud of herself.


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