Celebrating success

Each term, one child from every class is chosen as the "Learning Champions" if they have shown excellent behaviour or outstanding learning consistently throughout the week.

This weeks SuperKids are:


This learning champion has a very positive attitude to learning. He listens very carefully, is absorbed in his learning and likes to challenge himself. He has shown determination and perseverance in developing his reading and writing skills and can now read and write his own sentences, sitting the letters beautifully on the line. He always ask questions interesting questions and makes links in his learning. Well done Juelz!


This person has worked hard all year! They are always pushing themselves to learn more and are keen to complete challenges. They are kind to all their friends and will even encourage their friends to practise their writing and number skills. This person has been a fantastic member of Ladybird class and is always ready to help their class adults. Thank you so much for all your hard work! I look forward to seeing what you achieve in year 1.


My learning champion is somebody who has a truly creative mind, she loves telling stories, and sharing her knowledge, with others. This person always has a smile on her face and never gives up however hard the work is. She is a very resilient learner and a lovely member of Gruffalo class! Keep up the fantastic work Shadae!

YEAR 1 ELMER - Malak

This term’s learning champion is someone who is a kind, hard-working and determined. She has made enormous progress this year, in her speaking, reading and writing, and has worked amazingly with Carol and other members of staff to push herself further and further. She is also a great helper in the class, and is fantastic at her independent learning. She will make her new Year 2 teacher proud I am sure. Well done Malak!

 YEAR 2 BFG - Emelle 

This learning champion has wowed me from the beginning of the year with her curiosity and desire to learn. Her behaviour, presentation and concentration are incredible and I always look forward to seeing her work because of her originality and creativity. She’s the only child I’ve ever known to be disappointed to go on a school trip because it meant we wouldn’t be doing maths that day and I know that it is this dedication to her work that has allowed her to progress so much this year. We are incredibly proud of you - well done Emelle!


The learning champion in Enormous Crocodile class is a really special member of our class. He is kind and funny and always willing to help others. He shows empathy and listens well to others. This Learning champion never complains and always follows instructions first time. He is always showing Gold Standard manners and behavior and is always resilient. All the adults are so proud of him, keep it up Lawand!

Year 3 KINGFISHER - Hala

This learning champion has been so fantastic all year long!  She is always absorbed in her learning, always tries her best and is always determined to keep improving.  She is a very kind and caring member of kingfisher and an excellent friend to lots of children.  Her behaviour is outstanding and she has consistently been on green, silver or gold all year.  She is an absolute role model for everyone at Hannah More and it’s been such a pleasure to have her in Kingfisher class this year.  A huge well done to Hala


This learning champion is a fantastic role model to her peers. She is consistently absorbed in her learning and strives to do her best each day. She is incredibly kind and looks after all of her peers in a variety of ways; helping with work, tying shoe laces, tidying and making sure they always have someone to play with. She always shows respect to EVERYONE which is refelected in the fact she has been on gold, silver or green all year. Layla has been a pleasure to teach and I wish her all the best for Year 4.

 YEAR 4 SWIFT - Zakeriye M 

This superkid has matured hugely over this term and I have seen some real changes in his behaviour and attitude to learning. I am very impressed by how hard he is working in class on his learning, but also the effort he is putting into having successful lunch and break times. This is helping him come back to class nice and calm and ready to learn. Well done Yackhob!


My learning champion has had a fantastic term. This person doesn’t always find a classroom the easiest place to be but she has put her absolute all into her lessons this term. When she first came to the school, she found the learning quite tricky but through sheer determination she has tackled the challenge and has made huge progress in her time here – especially in reading! This person is incredibly creative and whenever I teach something artistic her talent and enthusiasm shine through. She has been a lovely addition to the class, well done!

YEAR 5 OWL - Abdullrizak

For being an amazing learner all year round! He always shows enthusiasm and curiosity in lessons, enjoys asking questions on trips and always pushes himself to achieve the best he possibly can. As a result of this hard-working attitude, he has made excellent progress in Year 5 and has produced some amazing results in his assessments. His smile makes my day and I will miss this camp champ a lot! Well done Abdullrizak

YEAR 5 DOVE - Jermaine

This child has developed into a mature and respectful learner.  Even though all is not perfect, the progress he has made and the confidence he has built is down to him listening more carefully to the adults around him, recognising his own strengths and weaknesses and developing empathy for others.  He has managed to turn his frown into smiles a little more often that he used to and has made both Lisa and myself very proud.

YEAR 6 KESTREL - Muhudin

Our learning champion has made me so proud not just this term but over the whole year. He has put in incredible effort over the year and has achieved the highest levels as a result. At times, this learning champion finds school hard and can struggle to manage his reactions. This year has been no exception but his maturity and positivity has increased considerably over the year. He is now extremely resilient and displays a high level of maturity in the classroom and increasingly elsewhere too. Muhudin is truly ready for secondary school and I know he’ll do amazingly.

YEAR 6 EAGLE - Yousaf

Yousaf has shown tremendous amounts of determination this entire year and a willingness to overcome whatever challenge. He has massively grown in confidence and shows politeness and gratitude whenever he is given support from an adult in his learning. He has had such a positive attitude towards all aspects of school life and has made a real effort to get involved in more and more throughout the year. I know that Yousaf will have a great time in secondary school. Good luck! 

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