Celebrating success

Each week, two children from each year group will be chosen as a 'SuperKid'. These will be children who have shown excellent behaviour or outstanding learning consistently, throughout the week.


Gruffalo: Sarvagyan - This Superkid has had a great start to the term. He is showing great independence working at the table and lots of focus on the carpet. As a result, he has completed all his work successfully by himself! His writing particularly has been imaginative, using lots of lovely ideas and interesting adjectives! I also love how much he has been putting his hand up this week to join in conversations. He has been giving really good explanations and clear reasoning in discussions. Keep it up and keep going Sarvagyan.


BFG: Tommy - This Superkid has been making such an effort with his phonics and his teacher can see how much he is improving day by day! He loves working hard and doing well and tries his best in every single lesson. This Superkid was new to Hannah More, but he has done a fantastic job at settling in and has become more and more confident in class. Miss Ellison-Smith and Vicki are so proud of him, well done Tommy!

Enormous Crocodiles: Yusirra - This person has started the new term with an excellent attitude! She is extremely engaged in her learning and she is working very hard in every lesson! This person is always making the right choices and is a great role model of gold standard behaviour. We love that she comes into school with a great big smile on her face every day! Keep up the brilliant work Yusiirra!!


D'Lion - The Superkid in Year 3 has been a fantastic listener this week. He has engaged in all lessons and completed all tasks in class. When this Superkid has found things hard he has shown resilience by not giving up. All of the Year 3 team are so, so proud of him. Keep it up D'Lion!


Swift: Rehan - Our Superkid has been absolutely smashing his maths this week. Sometimes, in the past, he has felt a little unsure and unconfident but he has start 2022 with a brand-new focus and determination! He's not let difficulty get in the way of success and has persevered through tough challenges to come out on the other side. I see his confidence flourishing with each maths lesson. Keep it going!

Swallow: Yasmin - This Superkid has shown excellent engagement without class charter and has really stood out with her outstanding behaviour in the classroom. All week she has shown what a fantastic listener she is. She is a brilliant role model for how to walk around school, as she always walks in gold standard. Well done, Yasmin!


Owl: Safia - This Superkid has made a real effort to engage in the learning this week, putting her hand up and challenging herself in her books. Her determination is paying off! She showed really positive attitude to swimming this week and impressed her teachers. Fantastic effort this week, Safia!

Dove: Yousef - This Superkid is ready to start his 2022 with a bang. As part of his New Year's resolution, he has been trying extra hard to improve his handwriting and has been taking every opportunity to get out his book and practise! He impressed Mrs Irfan with his fantastic attitude during her two days teaching him - particularly his effort in science and his exemplary behaviour at swimming. I look forward to seeing all of the things you achieve this year.


Eagle: Muhamed - This Superkid has had a great week! He has been polite, engaged and determined to stay on track with his learning all week. It has been fantastic to have him with us in class, and we can all see that he has turned over a 'new leaf' for the new year. I am delighted with his renewed enthusiasm for school and am looking forward to teaching him next week already! Well done and keep up the good work Muhamed!

Kestrel: Yoonis - We are all incredibly proud of this Superkid this week as he returned to school with a very positive attitude to learning. He engaged maturely in our class discussion on respect and has made a huge effort to apply this around school. He has also persevered when learning about fractions and has set himself a target to master this. Many school adults have come to praise him this week which has been so lovely to see. Keep up the hard work, Yoonis!

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