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Each week, two children from each year group will be chosen as a 'SuperKid'. During lockdown, with so many children working hard at home, we'll be choosing one in-school SuperKid and on home-learner SuperKid from each year group. These will be children who have shown excellent behaviour or outstanding learning consistently, throughout the week.


Mohamed D - This Superkid has worked very hard this week. He has been focused with his activities and has been settled during whole class time. He has started to use sounds to communicate with adults and has impressed everyone with his handwriting. He has shown empathy towards other children when they have been upset and has been playing well with the other children in the class. We are all very proud of this child!


Khadija - This person has come back super confident this term. She has been engaging with all her learning and working really hard. In busy time she has had great ideas and worked well with others to carry out her plans. She has been busy with lots of writing this week. She has been so lovely and kind to others. We are so proud of you, well done!


Gruffalo: Sarina - This week's Superkid is someone who is a kind and caring member of the class. She has been working incredibly independently and has impressed all the adults with her mature attitude. She has been working really hard reading with Vicki after school and her great reading has made her more confident with her writing. Keep up the good work!

Elmer: Amira - This Superkid has worked extremely hard with their reading. This year she has been growing in confidence and now she believes in herself. This week she has come back to school full of confidence and has already jumped up two levels! This person is always kind and respectful and is a pleasure to teach!


BFG: Abdullahi - This Superkid has been a great addition to the BFG class this week. He is a thoughtful and kind individual who always tries his best when doing his schoolwork. He is a fantastic example to others in the way he behaves around the whole school community and I have been impressed by his hard-working attitude. His writing and maths have both been of consistently high quality this week. Keep up the good work and well done Abdullahi!

Enormous Crocodiles: Eqlas - This Superkid has made a really positive start to the term. She has completed all her learning tasks and made some really great contributions to class discussions, especially in maths where she has shown some great pattern spotting and reasoning. She has also been helpful by doing lots of jobs for Miss Burnett. Most of all, when this Superkid has found things a little bit tricky this week, she has really shown resilience and turned her behaviour around to make the right choices.


Kingfisher: Jamal - This week's Superkid has really stepped up their skills as a mathematician. He has been elaborating on his answer when he's answering reasoning questions and making sure he gives detailed answers. He has also been working hard on his reading with Stella and has made so much progress with his fluency. Well done Jamal - keep it up!

Woodpecker: Yasmin - Woodpecker's Superkid has had a fantastic week! She swam like a fish during Year 3's first swimming lesson and has been doing a fantastic job with shape in maths. She has also been working hard on her reading and writing and making more and more progress each day. I'm so so proud of you, well done Yasmin!


Swift: Halimo - This whole year I have been super impressed with the learning attitude that I have seen from this Superkid. She has done her best to do the right thing all week and has shown real enjoyment in all areas. As a scientist, she has shown such curiosity whilst learning about electrical circuits and also in World Ocean Day! It's great to see such enjoyment of learning!

Swallow: Ammar - This Superkid has had an absolutely brilliant week! He has made a great effort to have a fantastic start to the term and it has paid off! In class he has been focused on his learning and thoroughly involved in all class discussions and at break and lunch times he has been able to manage his emotions and make the right choices. I am so proud of him! Well done Ammar and keep up the amazing work!


Owl: Mohamed S - This Superkid has been really focused and engaged this week. He has been enthusiastically joining in with our class discussions as well as being a helpful friend. We are really proud that this Superkid has moved up a book level this term and has also been pushing himself to complete the level two challenges in maths. Keep it up, Mohamed!

Dove: Mohammed I - This Superkid is a delight to teach. He is kind and friendly and always has a smile on his face. He has really impressed Mrs Jackson in her writing group with his fantastic learning attitude and mission to up-level his vocabulary to impress the reader. His behaviour has been absolutely gold standard and a good role model to those around him. Well done, Mohammed I.


Eagle: Zakaria - This Superkid has been enthusiastic, motivated and independent this week. I love his new attitude to learning and it's making a big impact on his progress. His poetry was particularly impressive yesterday and he was really proud of his work. Well done Zakaria!

Kestrel: Ayman - Our Superkid has wowed me with his maturity and positive attitude to learning this week. He has shown respect to all in the classroom and has been modelling the highest standards of behaviour. In his work he has been applying himself harder than ever and has been supporting his new partner well too. I'm so impressed with him - please keep it up through these final six weeks!

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