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Each week, two children from each year group will be chosen as a 'SuperKid'. During lockdown, with so many children working hard at home, we'll be choosing one in-school SuperKid and on home-learner SuperKid from each year group. These will be children who have shown excellent behaviour or outstanding learning consistently, throughout the week.

The SuperKids this week are


Mohamed A - This child has tried really hard this week to manage his emotions when he feels upset and disappointed and he has learnt to tell adults what is wrong. We have seen this child doing really good sharing with his friends, and being kind to others. The Superkid in Lavender class this week is Mohamed A.


Ava - This Superkid is always kind, helpful and patient. She is so engaged with her learning in school and at home. She is active in class discussions, offering interesting comments and questions. She has made fantastic progress in her learning and can read and write sentences really confidently now. You have worked so hard, we are all proud of you. Well done…Ava

Suhana - This Superkid has been working hard throughout lockdown. She is engaged in zoom lessons, joining in enthusiastically and answering questions. She has sent us such fabulous videos of her learning, even one of her making her own pizza! She has made such great progress and can now write sentences independently. Thanks to her mum who is super encouraging on her videos. We know you will be as proud as we are. Well done….Suhana!


Aymen - Our Superkid this week has been working really hard on his reading. He has been reading regularly with Vicki and reads at home every day. As a result of this he is really enjoying and fast becoming a really confident reader. Keep up the good work!

Eli - Our Home-learning Superkid has been engaged every single day in his home learning. He has sent work everyday, attended every zoom session and yesterday he was able to read a section of his favourite book with his peers, it was delightful! Thank you Teacher Eli!


Eqlas - The Superkid in school has really impressed the adults with their can-do attitude towards their learning this week! Although she has sometimes found learning hard, she has made great contributions to class discussions, and is putting her hand up to ask questions and to ask for help. By being so resilient and engaged in her learning, she has continued to complete the work and grasp the learning through the week! Eqlas you have made the adults really proud! Keep it up next week!

Noah - This child could have been Superkid every single week. He has produced high quality work throughout lockdown and his contribution and engagement in the zooms and his home learning has been OUTSTANDING. We have been especially impressed with his enquiry learning and the fabulous tundra habitat he made which showed an abundance of creativity and understanding! Not only does this child complete the work set by the teachers, but he goes above and beyond and follows his own curiosities which is an amazing skill to have. Keep going Noah!


Ruweyda - The Superkid in school has really impressed the adults with their changed attitude towards learning! She has been coming to school with a new can-do attitude even when learning can get a bit tricky! This Superkid loves to share her thoughts and ideas and tries to make her friends feel more confident too! We are so proud of your determination – keep it up Ruweyda!

Akram - The home learning Superkid is always enthusiastic, always trying his best and always such a cheerful presence every morning. He is always the first to have his answer ready on our morning calls and is brilliant at going back and checking any juicy mistakes. He helps his teacher out with any technical issues as well as any other children who need help. You are such an excellent role model Akram – well done! 


Lawand - This Superkid has been absolutely fantastic throughout the whole time that we have been this mixed class during Lockdown. He has been a pleasure to have in the class, showing respect, kindness and being inclusive towards everyone at all times. He has had never-ending enthusiasm for all aspects of his learning and has particularly enjoyed being a scientist this week. Well done, Lawand!

Maryam - This home-learning Superkid has really made the best of being at home. She enjoyed taking part in freezing and melting experiments this week as a scientist, with huge enthusiasm. She often goes above and beyond in her home learning by doing research on different things that interest her and making Google Docs and Slides about them. She always tries her best and always comes to our Google Meets with a big smile on her face. Well done, Maryam!


Thalia - This Superkid has had a really positive attitude this week and it has shown in the standard of all her work. She has been a really helpful classmate, helping the others with their learning and volunteering to do jobs for the adults. We have all noticed the effort she has put in this week and are very proud of her. Keep it up, Thalia!

Abdullahi - The home learning Superkid always puts a smile on the teachers faces with his enthusiasm during the live lessons. He is always keen to share his ideas and we have been really impressed with his fluent reading. Keep up the positive attitude when you are back in school. Well done, Abdullahi! 


Kia - We are really proud of the confidence and determination this Superkid has shown over the past few weeks. She has really flourished as part of the lockdown team and all the adults want to tell her: ‘You can do it! You are fantastic!’

Mawahib - This home-learner has impressed Ms Sokoni this week with her commitment and conscientiousness. She has engaged with all her tasks and always responds to feedback to keep making her work better. Well done Mawahib!

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