Celebrating success

Each week, a child from every class is chosen as 'SuperKid' if they have shown excellent behaviour or outstanding learning consistently, throughout the week.

The current Superkids are:


Ridwaan - The Gruffalo Superkid this week is always so polite! He always says please and thank you and gives other children his congratulations for their achievements. This week he wrote a fabulous version of 'The Night Gardener', call 'The Night Clown' and even though it slightly scared Miss Wilkins, it was so exciting to read. Well done Ridwaan!

Mujahid - My Superkid this week has been so kind to everyone! He has helped adults, nurtured his friends and has welcomed a new member to our class. He even made bunting at home to make his Year 5 buddy class happy! In his learning he works very hard and never says no to a challenge. He has been learning not to rush ahead but to complete his work carefully. Thank you for being such a superhero this week!


Nabiila - This person has worked really hard in maths this week and is really engaging and contributing to the lessons! I am proud of the listening skills she has been showing and even though sometimes she may find it tricky, she is really persevering! Keep it up Nabiila.

Luqman - This Superkid has impressed me SO much with his maths this week. He has super listening skills and he works his hardest to complete his work. He always tries and has been working hard in phonics too to improve his reading. Thank you Luqman!


Shay - As it is Acts of Kindness Week this Superkid has been chosen because she is always kind, always caring and always looking for ways to help other children and adults. Not only this but she has an incredible attitude towards learning and is always looking for ways to challenge herself and makes her work the very best it can be every lesson. She is such a pleasure to have in Woodpecker class - very well done Shay!

Amahra - The Superkid this week is always being kind even when it is not Acts of Kindness Week! She always wants to help everyone and always has a beautiful smile on her face. During learning time this Superkid tries her best and has a can-do attitude, she wants to challenge herself to be better in everything she does. Thank you for being so kind Amahra!


Premaja - This Superkid has shown so much commitment to her online home learning this week, ensuring she emails her work daily and earning herself lots and lots of house points for all her hard work! She was also a pleasure to speak to on the phone when her teacher phoned her. Keep it up next week Premaja!

Asma - This Superkid has amazed me with her creativity this week. She has chosen to complete some of her home learning on the computer by drawing with the mouse and typing sentences to go with pictures. I'm so impressed with her computer skills! She is dedicated to her learning and has regularly emailed her work throughout the week. What a brilliant, self-motivated learner! Well done Asma!


Dirshe - This Superkid is a considerate and generous member of the class who always has a smile on his face. He has gone above and beyond this week to ensure that he demonstrated kindness at every opportunity. He has been noticed for being kind and inclusive at lunchtime which is wonderful to hear. Well done and keep it up Dirshe!

Amirah - This Superkid is always incredibly kind and polite. She tried really hard with all her learning and made a huge effort to learn the lines for our performance audition. She wowed the teachers with her confidence in delivering the lines and the expression she used to portray the character. Keep shining Amirah!


Tyran - I have been really proud of how this Superkid has focused and worked hard this week and all term. He is making amazing progress because of his positive attitude and motivation. In maths in particular he is a leader in his group; he encourages and supports his fellow mathematicians. It has been Acts of Kindness Week and this Superkid is always kind and caring and makes me feel so proud!

Shaquille - Throughout our whole week at IntoUniversity, our Superkid has demonstrated the very best of our school values. He has been determined to succeed at tasks, has been open to challenges and new ideas, has nurtured friendships and good relationships (particularly with his table partner), he's clearly enjoyed both tasks and games and has been incredibly respectful to school and IntoUniversity staff. This week is a microcosm of his year where he has shown the very same values throughout. I've been so very proud of him over the past five days (and the last three months) - keep it up!

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