Summer ideas!

17 July 2020

Hooray! It's the summer holidays! We are so so proud of you and all the hard work you have achieved this year. 

Here are a few activities you might want to try out over the summer! 




Top marks ( - top marks has lots of fun maths games from sequencing numbers to money to shapes!

Times Table Rock Stars ( - keep practising! 

Graphs - can you ask your family a question and make a graph, pictogram or bar chart? 




Scrapbook  - keep a record of what you got up to in the holidays with any photos, tickets and leaflets. We can share them with the class when you get back! 

Spelling - Practise these Year 3 and 4 spelling words here

Listening to books on youtube - we have made a LONG list of lots of books that we think you would enjoy listening to on youtube- click here to see.

Bug club ( - keep up with your reading on bugclub! 

Make a comic strip ( - can you write your own comic strip?

Make your own book ( - can you make your own book like in the video? You could use it to write a story or recipes or information on your favourite animal! 

Send us a letter/email - We would love to receive a letter or email from you telling us what you're up to. You can send in any letters you write to the school or save them for when we next see you! 

Handwriting - ( - can you practise your letters for joined up handwriting? 

 Read - comics, books, the back of your cereal packet! Any reading is good!



Science Explore science here with BBC Bitesize videos and games. 

Try out some fun science activities with Maddie Moat here 

ICT Try some computer programming from Apple Summer coding camp- an amazing free opportunity to learn how to design websites! 

Geography Where will you end up when you click on the secret door?

Art Studio Meraki who do the art kits have some great ideas for you to try out! 

Can you make a Woodpecker or a Kingfisher? You can you pencils, paper or things you find outside! 

Can you choose something to draw?



Most of all..... HAVE FUN and we will see you in September! We can't wait :) 


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